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Belly Tales: Gravid Rider (Part 3 of 4)

Boredom spawn story, Be forewarned! This story includes Incest and pedophila near the end, and mild non violent rape at the beginning. The author Does not condone any of these In Real Life and anyone who tries it should be shot.

This is just fiction and is meant to be enjoyed as such. Not a guide for something to be attempted IRL.

Jax Lerone was a simple man who never quite fit in, 6’6” Almost 300 pounds of pure cut muscle, long black hair and tan skin from exposure His green eyes were permanently hidden behind a pair of mirrored shades. Never finished High School, Jax decided the normal life wasn’t for him. At 16 He swung backpack with clothes and supplies over his shoulder climbed up on his dad’s Indian Chieftain and took out seeing the world on two wheels.

Money wasn’t hard to come by, Odd jobs always needed to be done in any town he came by, and five finger discounts were always an option to. At 20 he was pretty happy with his life, that night he slept in the desert next to a fire and an empty whiskey bottle.

As Fate would have it a scouting ship was also scouring this Nevada desert, one of 6 Ships from the solar conclave sent to find viable breeder candidates on earth. This plan was formulated last year by the conclave of 4, Mars the planet of men, Venus the Planet of Women, Saturn The planet of Mystics, And Neptune the planet of beasts. Project breeder was meant to bring stronger DNA into the earth Gene pool. By seeding capable earthlings with queen symbiotes and impregnating them with superior Alien/human hybrids, earth could speed its development and someday be approached to join the Alliance of planets.

The symbiotes were unique, they grew naturally as fruit on every planet and naturally bonded with people, perfecting them in the symbiotes own way, All of them Provided the ability to create your own oxygen, become immune to toxins, radiation, and bacteria. This by proxy made the perfect womb, the mom to be could drink, smoke, shoot, or snort and the baby would pop out like it never happened. And it generally bring there body beyond human limits. Each Planet’s symbiote was unique however.

The Martian Red Pearl Only bonded with men. Sexually it created a large multichambered womb above the anus and also milk glands in the breasts and testicles. The red pearl from there proceeds To Increase growth, Height, weight and muscles. Perfect bonds are 5 times stronger than a bull elephant and tough enough to survive a supernova.

This Martian Military Ship, 1A47 “Myrmidon’s Phallus”, was quite dedicated to there work, not many earth men were capable of the Martian queen symbiotes. Not strong enough, not fit enough, not tough enough. Ademus was on duty that night while his three brothers slept, Ademus was 11 feet tall, and 747 pounds with long blond hair and blue grey eyes, His skin was milky white and he had the body of a Norse giant. The largest and mightiest of his brothers he was bored with this assignment there were no true men on earth, No warriors, a waste of time if you asked him They has scanned this “North America” For a month and nothing. Suddenly beckoned however the sound he least expected to hear, the scanner found a suitable man asleep in the desert.

Ademus was grinning from ear to ear, the first specimen and he was all his, carefully he beamed the man into the ships jokingly named “Love Chamber,” and pumped in a light red gas that would make the man high and aroused. Then he walked in and put what looked like a red pearl the size of the golf ball up the sleeping man’s anus.

Jax woke up with a start but his head was spinning, his 8 inch cock was rock hard and he knew he needed to fuck… fucked…He wasn’t gay…but all he wanted was a cock inside him spurting cum. That’s when he saw the naked giant and a cock the size of his leg hard.

Ademus wasn’t a cuddler, he knew what he wanted and he wanted it done before the gas wore off. He grabbed the human and roughly thrust his cock inside him. 8 hours, and 16 climaxes later Jax was beamed back Passes out with a belly full of cum.

Jax woke up with a massive headache, which he attributed to cheap whiskey, and a raging pain in his ass, which he convinced himself, was last night’s 2 dollar all you can eat raging chili. He itched his nipples a little and shirtless in only tight leather pants, cowboy boots, and a studded Jacket climbed back on his bike And got back on the road.

The next month only got weirder for Jax…by the end of it he threw up at least twice every day before noon, his chest was sore and tender and he felt tired all the time. Worse than that his balls were itchy and swollen, kind of red to. Jax didn’t figure it was anything by but a bug though, he started taking pepto and whiskey every night to self medicate and continued on his everyday life.

The next Two months were weirder… The nausea and tiredness continued, but he got hungrier to. And hornier, Atleast once an hour he’d have to sneak off and handle himself In a roadstop bathroom letting his spunk loose on the sink, in a motel, anywhere in a bar, and in the pussies of sexy farmer’s daughters and cute young local girls before he left a town.

He was gaining weight though…At the end of three months he digging trenches for a construction company outside of phoenix. He had gained 40 pounds in the Last two months, 5 pounds in his crotch alone! His cock was fat now and had grown four inches and his balls were larger than oranges swollen and heavy. His once hard stomach looked like it had a softball under the navel, and gave him a seemingly pregnant curve like a woman 5 months along might have. Even his hard chest had gotten puffy, his nipples we’re like thick chocolate quarters, puffy and poking out cresting a nice pair of small B cups. He even noticed his but and thigh shared the wealth a tad bit. But he wasn’t just getting fatter, He noticed he seemed taller, his arms, back and legs were more muscular...he certainly felt stronger, and he never cut himself shaving anymore...not even when he was driving…not even when he directly slipped and ran the blade right over his lip.

Still he out worked the other employees, easily lifting the heavy poles and bags of concrete. But no man would speak ill of the curvy biker after they saw something amazing. They had brought a crane in to move some steel, The cable snapped after it was up it looked like the 3 workers below would be crushed, but Jax moved over, put his hands up and caught the two beams like they were cats jumping from a tree.

Jax sat in his room that night getting ready to leave, how had he done that? Those beams should have crushed him…Why was all his working out not paying off…Why was he eating jalapenos and bacon in vanilla ice cream? Why had he eaten like 8 meals today? Nothing added up. He found his hand moving to his buldging stomach, stroking it gently without thinking about it.

It was about then one of the men from the construction site came in, one of the guys he saved today, a big ripped Latino guy named Louis. He had been drinking Louis during the week and hung out with him at the local gym. For some reason he felt himself attracted to the guy…Something he couldn’t explain…he new Louis felt it to.

“Man what you did today that was amazing…You saved my life vato…” He sat next to Jax on the bad.

“Yeah I can’t explain it myself…It was cool getting to know you this week Lou.” He said, he didn’t feel bad sitting on his bed naked with the guy. Louis took him off guard then and kisses him..and to Jax’s surprised he kissed back…

Louis took his clothes off and rubbed his cock against jax’s belly. “God man you look hot…Like somebody fucking knocked you up…Kinda makes me hot to think I put my babies in you…” He leaned down and rubbed jax’s titties and sucked on one of the nipples for abit as he humped the belly.

“Mmmmmmhaaa….Oh yeah….you wanna put your babies in me stud…” Jax didn’t know what he was saying..he just knew he needed louis’s cum… He got on all fours and Louis mounted him eagerly pounding his swollen ass and rubbing his belly and tits from behind for the longest time before he shot a huge load into jax’s ass…Jax soon returned the favor four times filling Louis with spunk before they sixty nined for awhile and passed out.

Jax promised Louis he’s drop him a line next time he was in town and headed out. The words rang in jax’s head though…Pregnant..No..he was a guy..but I mean…He kinda looked…It couldn’t be.

The next month only added to jax’s suspiscions…His belly exploded doubling it’s former softball size to become the size of a small basketball. His breast had gone from Tiny B’s to small C’s and were starting to feel very tender and itchy but very good when he rubbed them… His balls were grapefruits, heavier and achy, his cock now 14 inches of fat pork. He started wearing his pants down below his what he could only call a belly, and he started wearing a tank top which only accented his curves and gave him cleavage. It didn’t really matter though it only made it halfway down his belly anyway.

At the end of his fourth month He was In a Little beach town in so-cal doing yardwork and Freight moving trying to replenish his bankroll. His old girlfriend lived in this town, Unlike him she’d made something of herself. At 24 she was the only OB in town, an 10 year old boy and a 6 year old girl didn’t even slow her down. He wanted to look her up but…He really didn’t care to go through the trouble of the meeting, the history.

One thing though, whatever was making him huge didn’t hurt his sex life. That night he was on the beach under the docks with this bombshell blond, Tan Skin, Big double D breasts and a smoking body. She kissed and scratched his muscles as he fucked her and licked her big melon breasts, after cumming in her a few times she started to suck his dick, but became enamored with his belly as well, kissing the navel and licking the little dark line it had developed… That’s when it happened…soft at first but then increasing…flutters light pokes..coming from within. This seemed to turn her on more but Jax was to freaked to be in the mood. It was called off from there…He didn’t have a choice right now. It was stupid but he dropped by right aid and bought a pregnancy test…after seeing a positive he bought 4 more, only for 4 more positives.

He calmed his fears at a greasy spoon dinner slamming back four blue plate specials and 6 glasses of chocolate milk. After sleeping in his hotel room he decided to go for broke and look up his old girlfriend at her office. He didn’t have much ton wear, Some Jeans and a White tank top that didn’t cover his bloated firm stomach anymore, but atleast they hid his tits. He through his jacket on over that and thankfully caught her when no one else was there. She blinked when he entered.

“Jax..Jax is that fat.” She said out of shock more than anything else. Alise had it all brains, book smarts, A firm toned body with big E cup breasts, but she had the people skills of a porcupine. But she was sweet regardless.

”Alise..your not gonna believe me when I ask you to do this but humor me okay? I need an ultrasound.”

“I don’t see you for 4 years and you roll up in here talking crazy? God jax when will you ever grow up?”

“Look alise please I think I’m sick or something.”

“Fine, probably just too much beer.” She leads him back and rubs the cold gel on his belly beginning the scan…She gasps at what she sees.

“Jax your pregnant…really really pregnant…It looks..I see three wombs right now..Two seem connected to your anus, one to your urethra, the one in the urethra is 4 months, the three in your anus are 5 months. And the other one in your anus is 2 months…How…How could this happen?”

“I wish I knew…But alise that’s not all…I mean I’m hornier than I ever was, people seem to be drawn to me for sex…Not to mention..I’ve got super strength and stamina now…Watch” He stands and picks up a steel table and twists it into a ball, then twists it back.”

“Jesus Christ Jax this is like something out of a comic book…strip down let me see if there’s anything else…”

He obeys taking his clothes off, his long fat 14 inch sausage was slowly grinding to life, his big balls were red and throbbing as he itched his achy tits. His body had retained it’s hair so even though his tits were very feminine they still has manly hair. As did his swollen, now activity filled, belly. Alise begins to examine him, for what seems to be an hour fondling his balls and breasts, scanning them and doing some blood work.

“Okay…from what I can figure out..You have a second heart now..and a few organs I’ve never seen before..they seem to be regulating hormones and enhancing your muscles and tissue…You have mammary glands in your balls and your che st now...they’ll keep growing and you should see milk in a month…You babies though…The three that are furthest along are huge… They all seem to big…I don’t understand any of this.”

“Well atleast I’m not crazy…Fuck it…I guess I’ll ride it out.” He shrugs.

“Your not the least bit freaked?” She blinks.

“Look…I don’t know why this happened, but it did. So I’m gonna pop out babies…I need to find out why.”

“Look jax, before you do your lone rider off into the sunset bullshit again stay with me tonight at my place. Then come back and see me in a month for a checkup… You don’t know anything about medicine I can help.”

“Yeah that’s not a bad idea.”

Jax went home with alise that night, feeling warmer than usual. By the time they got back he was sweating like a pig. He took of his jacket and shirt to make it cooler on himself and helped alise cook. All the while her kids, Jake and Angela watched his tummy with curiosity. He noticed a difference in alise though..she seemed like she was smelling him..the more she caught his scent the more she seemed to rub against him or the dryer..or the cabinet…it was sexy but odd.

Finally jake adventurously went up and poked jax in the belly. To which he proclaims “It dosen’t feel fat…come here angela.”

Before jax can protest both kids are pressed to his belly feeling and rubbing it.

Angela pipes up”I feel sumthin. He’s got a baby in him!!”

“ Nuh uh Guys can’t have babies” Jake says firmly.

Finally there mother kisses each one on the head.” Okay you to behave, Yes He’s pregnant, but that doesn’t mean you can feel him up. Now go set the table.

They blink in wonder at that but do as they are told. Jax scarfs down anything that’s put infront of him at dinner before bunking up with jake in his room and quickly going to sleep. A few hours late he wakes up to take a leak, When he peers through Alise’s open door to catch quite the sight…Jake is cuddled to his mom pumping her from behind and suckling her breast, while she moans and milks her young son’s cock. For some reason this excites jax..he wanders in and slowly rubs alise’s other breast, and begins to rub his cockhead against the boys asshole.

Even more strange still however neither of them mind this intrusion…they don’t seem to notice, Jax begins to pump the boy and massage Alise. Before blowing a pent up load in the young boy right before he pumps his baby batter in his mom.

The night went on like that for a few hours before they returned to bed, The next morning no one talked about what happened, no one seemed upset or out of sorts, just well sexed and happy.

As jax hit the road after a huge breakfast this rested on his mind. What the hell happened…Was it the same thing that seemed to be able to attract people to him wherever he went lately. He wasn’t sure. And he didn’t know where to get answers either.

So he did what he always did, he rode. Down through the southwest, through texas, and eventually into mexico. Every town he stopped at he spent atleast a day doing nothing but eating and fucking…5 months ago this would not be his M.O…but lately it’s all he wanted to do. His meals were up to six hearty meals a day with 4 snacks at least. He still masturbated atleast once an hour, but he was starting to develop a bigger problem.

By the time he was six months along, jax had undergone a major growth spurt. His belly looked like a normal woman who was overdue, big dark line running up the middle. But it still held very high on his body, now pushing his DD’s up like a shelf. They constantly leaked milk down his belly. His ass had become a plump pillow, his back and spine adopting the classic pregnant shape Meanwhile his arms legs and back looked rip beyond Herculean standards. He now stood at 7’4” and weighed 356 pounds. His cock seemed to stop growing at 16 inches, but his balls were as big as basketballs and had developed little nipples on the bottom.

Clothes had become a number one priority, now in sunny cancun he made camp on whatever secluded beach or island he could find remaining nude. When he had to go hour he relied on spandex women’s bathing suites. Or thongs he’d alter so his package stayed in.

Whats worse is he was eating more and running out of money. As he fell asleep that night fearing what would happen to him, he never could have imagined what was coming next.

• * *

Ademus guided the ship still tracking the infant queen they had implanted, six earth months had passed since his impregnation, it was time he be trained and completed by the Martian forces, if he was to do there planet well with his deeds and labors.

wow! pleaseeeeeeeeee morrrrrrrrre

Yes please ................more

Another installment. Abit of a shorty this time, Jax finally finds out whats going on..and then some. Remember Part one's warnings, they always apply.Fiction is Fiction, enjoy it and don't take it to seriously.


Jax awoke naked In a very utilitarian room with a very large plush bed, he was naked except for small sensors plugs stuff like stickers to his big belly. He layed there for abit taking in his surroundings as he rubbed his gravid sphere. “Well kiddos where the hell are we now?”

It wasn’t long before a man standing nine feet tall with long red hair waddled in, he looked like he was carrying a full grown prize winning bull, and a cock as big as Jax’s rubbed the underside with it’s precum seeping head. His breasts were huge swollen G cups and he carried a tray of several oddly colored but sweet smelling cubes and a large glass of what looked like a strawberry shake. The well muscled big bellied giant sat beside jax on the bed and cuddled him to his belly as he slowly handfed him..the blocks tasted like tropical fruit, but each bite was so filling….like a meal in a block and this man wouldn’t let hinm stop…the shake was even thicker and didn’t taste good at all, but once again the man forced it down jax’s gullet to.

“Okay now that I’ve been forcefed who the hell are you”. Jax said quite exasperated by this point.

“I am Kanus, The ships doctor, A larval queen like you needs more food than you have been intaking. While your training on this ship you’ll eat as I demand”

“Queen…Ship..Training?” He asks befuddled as he rubs the giant’s huge belly with both hands. Feeling kicks strong enough to have come from a pee wee soccer player.

“Damn, Ademus just fucked you and tossed you back without a lick of knowledge eh? Will here suckle for a little while and I’ll fill you in. You must be very confused.”

Jax nodded and took one of the mans swollen nipples in his mouth and began to suckle the creamy spicy milk. As he stroked the big man’s belly and cock. He couldn’t help but nestle to the man’s big warm firm belly as he ate hungrily, his own hard cock rubbing against his belly. As the milk seemed to only make him hungrier.

“There’s a good boy…Now where to begin hmmm…about 6 months ago you were picked up by our ship and implanted with an egg about the size of a pearl. At the Same time Centurion Ademus Introduced a rather innapropriatly large amount of semen into your anal cavity which fed the egg that has produced all the changes in your body. It’s a symbiote that’s now part of you and making you into what the planetary commission Classifies as a ‘Queen Breeder’. Each symbiote gives you abilities from the planet that grew it. By the time you give birth to Ademus’s children the transformation will be complete.”

Jax looks up to him and breaks from nursing for a second, “Transformation? You mean The kids will finally be out of me and all this crazy crap will be over?”

Kanus Laughed gently and patted the hungry human who went right back to nursing, “ No No dear boy..You must have noticed, your taller, stronger, tougher. Your breasts and balls are bigger. And Side from all that you’re a queen now, You can give birth from to area’s The limited space wombs connected to your urethra, Accessed when you have sex with a female, quite ingenious they actually pull an egg into the womb from the woman and fertilize it with your sperm, this is very unreliable though and you can only carry from two sources this way. The wombs in your anus however are bountiful, they truthfully have no limit and anyone who introduces there semen to your anal cavity will most certainly fertilize you. As you yourself will most certainly impregnate anything that receives your semen, regardless of age or sex, or even species. You’ll no longer age, And the more pregnant you get the stronger you’ll be come. Eventually you along with the other planet’s chosen will guide your planet Into a new era of prosperity.”

“So your some kinda horny Martian people who Came to earth to knock me up?” Jaxsays having drained both the alien’s huge breasts. He rubs his own big belly, even though he just drank the equivalent of 4 gallons of nutrient rich heavy cream he was still starving. So he was happy when Kanus layed back and Jax spotted his balls, swollen red the size of bowling balls with a nipple on the bottom of each. He happily latched on and that shut him up again.

“I’m one of 4 men Crewing Myrmidon’s Phallus. We’re working with the Solar Conclave trying to help earth grow by introducing new DNA strands and helping your species move into the Modern times enough to join the Conclave and aid us. You’ll notice subtle changes at first, happenstance findings. In a year your nations will discover a Pollutant free cheap energy source, that same year new farming techniques, and plants will ensure that no one ever goes hungry again. Slowly your technology will evolve from there. Of course you’ll need a lot of food, and Mars will supply you as we are your sponser, your now considered a son of mars. Your going to spend the next four months on this ship training, you’ll receive babies from each of us, plus some vials of semen from some of mar’s greatest heros.”

After jax polished off the 8 gallons of cream in the man’s balls he nodded and layed back contently rubbing his belly and now hard as a rock. Kanus stood with some difficulty and put on a red thong specially made to gather his ball udders into place and cover them and his big cock. Soon he was joined by a man with long black hair and a belly just abit larger than jax’s. Though he was taller and stronger looking that the doctor, his tan hairless body was covered in tattoos, he was naked and didn’t seem to care. Kanus kissed him gently as the man rubbed kanus’s belly, they broke after a minute and kanus spoke. “This is Laren our marksmen and pilot, and local hornball...He’s ademus’s second in command but I still say he makes bigger babies>

Laren laughs and kisses kanus’s belly. “ We’ll see you whiner, it’s your fault for getting knocked up so easy.”

Following him in very slowly was a man with a belly even bigger than kanus, pale smooth and shiny it pulsed with motion as the man cradled it. He was in a red thong that restrained a 2 foot fat red cock and balls twice the size of kanus’s. He had long blond hair and huge tits. His movement seemed to eb bolstered by a black strap of latex like material like a spandex belt around his belly that seemed to let him hover abit.

Kanus patted the tired looking man’s belly “And this is Raja, the ships mechanic, and before Ademus got his cock in him the ships best stratigest.” Raja only nodded, saying little as he went and layed beside jax on some pillows panting.

Jax was starting to get horny..All of these men we’re muscled and built like gods, and obviously fertile. His mind somehow accepted what he had been told..I mean hell he had proof! He knew he wanted there babies in him, slowly he got up and got an all fours, he heard a groan from behind as Raja got up and moutned him like a lazy bull, resting his belly on jax’s back and unceremoniously fucking him with no concern for jax’s pleasure. The beg man sweated and moaned as he pumped into the tight larval queen. Though it wasn’t long before the big man blew his load, jax feeling the hot cum filling his ass again as raja rolled off him plopping back down and falling asleep.

Laren was next, spending some time and rubbing jax’s breasts and eblly as he fucked him, jax happily blew his load on the pillows as Laren left his deposit in the waiting womb.

Next was kanus, he waddled up slowly and rolled jax on his side, gently and slowly fucking him and leaning down. Soon the two were making out and kissing each other’s breasts. Until Pop, a gusher of semen erupted into Jax’s ass, making him actually look bigger as kanus layed back. “Ugghh..I..I never actually impregnated before…that was”

Jax wasn’t tired at all though, for the next three hours he fucked his ‘sponsors’and suckled them all dry of there delicious milk..for tomorrow he’d meet Ademus, the father of his firstborn. And training would begin.

excellent! I cannot wait for more.

This is great stuff


The next day Jax was awoken early and dragged groggily to a room where he saw a giant. Like A great Norse God Ademus stood there naked grinning from ear to ear as jax grunted and struggled to get up to his feet totally naked and getting aroused by the giant man.

“Well Well Well if it isn’t my little cumslut….I see you’ve taken nice care of my babies.” He roughly puts jax in a chair infront of a huge trough of the same sweat smelling cubes in what the larval queen could only imagine was white bean chili. Still jax was starving and ate like a piglet, the trough didn’t seem to empty and everytime he tried to pull back the giant man would slap his ass roughly and stick his face back in the trough. As he ate metal milkers like those that they affixed to cows teats were placed on his balls and nipples, and a larger one around his cock. They went to work with great fervor and felt so nice.

After an hour the trough was emptied and licked clean by jax, what must have been 100 pounds of nutrient dense queen food Now filled his firm swollen sloshing belly. As he stood the milkers released him.

“There…Kanus only wanted to Feed you half that but I’m training you so fuck that girly breeder bitch.” He grabbed jax by the hair and kisses hi rubbing his cock against his belly. “I’m gonna make sure our planet’s representative isn’t some weakling like him…your hot already so that’s good, even if you are a little slut atleast you look good with my babies in you.”

He sat Jax on a bench with workout bars for his arms and legs that was connected to the wall. As Jax began leg crunching what he would later find out was 4 tons admeus rubbed him down with oil. After a 4 hours of full body weight training Ademus dragged him into a central circle. They worked on fighting techniques for another 6 hours stopping only for a meal larger than breakfast. Finally they ended in greco roman wrestling , Ademus having belittled and bested Jax all day, finishing the day by pinning Jax and pounding his ass for a few hours, as he roughly groped his breasts and belly” Mmmmm Why the hell did the computer pick you, you soft bitch.. all your good for is taking my cock and pushing out babies. I might as well have fucked a hog.”

Jax was then fed a meal and sent back to his room. This treatment continued 5 days every day for a month straight. The Sixth day he would study tactics with Raja, and get some light marksmanship training and exercise with Laren, a much nicer, gentler, and caring teacher than Ademus.

The seventh day was his favorite, Kanus would spend the day feeding and teaching him all he’d need to know, then a light workout and then they’d spend the evening in bed. The first night He produced 5 large blue gel pills. He explained these were the semen capsules of the 5 greatest warriors mars had even seen, and there children would now grow in Jax’s belly and there DNA would make him all the stronger. The 5 Big pills were then inserted deep deep in his anus.

It Is then that Jax learned It takes martians a full year to gestate, no matter the degree of martian blood, after that they can delay labor as long as they like. Martians are born very big average 20 to 30 pounds per birth, and as developed as a human three month old and much more durable.

Two Months passed on the Ship, jax had changed an amazing degreeHis arms and legs were ripped beyond belief, dwarfing any Mr. Universe contestant. His Growth topped out at 9 feet tall, And his breasts sat at full firm round G cups. His cock was a fat two feet and his balls were bigger than basketballs. His ass was a big impressive heart shaped pregnant shelf and his back was that of a war god. More than anything though his belly was amazing. Big enough to make him appear ready to deliver a Prize bull, round and still high on his body pushing his tits up. He had heard Raja had given birth though he hadn’t seen it, he had already knocked the tactician up again though.

He had begun to spend a lot of time with kanus, the doctor’s due date was last week but Jax made him hold them in to see how big the doctor could get One night he had the huge tan martian on his side fucking him hard as he rubbed and groped his belly. Kanus groaned and moaned like a fat cow and sweated buckets, before blowing a big white creamy load all over his belly before Jax dumped a belly swelling load in the doctor’s ass.

One thing’s for sure he was stronger and tougher to, Ademus stepped up his food and training but every day jax rose to the occasion and challenged the giant. Having pinned him below his huge belly more than once but never keeping him there for long. Until his last night, when finally he got the big guy back, pinning him and dumping a huge cunmload in the cocky man’s virgin ass. He smirked at Ademus and simply mused ”Take good care of my babies, slut”.

The four months was over Jax was a better fighter, Lover, And stronger than any other martian. His belly had doubled in size but he knew he still had two months to go. He had received gifts from his sponsors. Two bracers that could manifest any clothing he wished to suit his new form. They could also manifest weapons and hyper nutritious food. H also received a new motorcycle able to handle his girth and weight, and directions to a place they said he’d realize what was for when he got there.

With that the next day he awoke on the California beach he left his friend and her kids on. He stood in the tiny red thong and smiled stretching and patting his belly to the awe of many onlookers. He was a larval queen no more, and he was hungry.
The Fashion Thing

Like a tampon, I've tasted blood and I want more.

The Fashion Thing wrote:
Like a tampon, I've tasted blood and I want more.

That was sufficiently gross XP
The Fashion Thing

I know it was just too Narsty but I had to say something, plus I do want more of the story.

The Fashion Thing wrote:
I know it was just too Narsty but I had to say something, plus I do want more of the story.

so do i Smile
The Fashion Thing

Lyric wrote:
The Fashion Thing wrote:
I know it was just too Narsty but I had to say something, plus I do want more of the story.

so do i Smile

Thank you, at least someone understands the point I'm trying to get across. Very Happy Rolling Eyes
swellbelly-dd have I missed this one before? first i thought it'd be another humdrum scifi type...holy@#^$&...what a wild ,wacky,crazy,bizarre,intriguing,sexy,turnon,..story.....
When ya started describing HOW he was changed...I thought.oh boythis is going to be interesting....I love these type of storys.........I like the idea of totally beyond bizarre limits of any normal pregnancy and transformations....I just love transformations
Its imagination..its can be as wild and amazing as you want.
I'm glad you guys can do it..I dont have the talent....Ive got ideas though
Really though...this is very original..i dont think Ive read one like this anywhere....I hope you'll continue it.
Come left it at such a good place.....hes positively stuffed full of potentially huge babies...growing all the time.....Im just trying to imagine how big hes going to get....geez Forum Index -> Stories
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